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As a member, you will have benefits such as up-to-date information of Herb Ohta, Jr., and also access to significant discounts in our online store. You will also have special messages from Herb from time to time, and also a special email address to directly email Herb himself.


Proceed to our "SIGN UP". If you wish to not use a credit card, download the HOJFC Membership Form. Fill in the necessary information with your membership fee.

P.O. Box 13046
Aiea, HI 96701

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Once we receive your form, our Membership Administrator will send you a confirmation email notifying you that we've received you form. Your email and password that you provided on the form will be used to login. It will go into affect automatically once you receive our confirmation email.

Your membership fee of $40.00 will be good for one (1) year. We notify you in advance when your membership is close to expiring.

NOTE: The password is only for members only! If this password is used by anyone else other than our registered members to purchase any merchandise online, the order will not be fulfilled and the money charged will not be refunded.
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*Up-to-date information before the general public
*Merchandise discounts exclusively from our online store (CD’s, Books, Shirts (When Available), & ‘Ukulele’s)
*Receive a direct email address to Herb himself (Not joking!)
*Special recordings from time to time only available to members
*Online 'Ukulele Lesson Videos
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